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Batman: Bad Blood Review

DC Comics has been pumping out movies each year. Batman: Bad Blood is the first film released this year and we decided to review this movie. How does this new film stacks up in this Batman trilogy? Is it worth watching, let alone buying on Blu-Ray/DVD? Let’s take look and find out. Batman: Bad Blood

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

By: Mike Agostinelli So….mostly everyone liked this movie. Critics anyway. So whats it like being one of the few who would dare to go against the grain? Who would brazenly attempt to share their honest, less-than-positive thoughts about the almighty new Mad Max movie? What would become of such an asshole? Lets find out. Mad

#BatmanVSuperman Trailer Is Here

Earlier today, the internet went crazy when the Batman V Superman trailer leaked online. Some said it was fake. Some said it was real. Well, now we have an answer. Warner Bros officially released the trailer and yes it was real. Watch the trailer now and let us know what you think of the first