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Captain America: Civil War Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Rarely does a comic book superhero movie based on an existing comic book storyline surpass said storyline in the quality department. Actually, in my opinion, this has never happened. Until now. Captain America: Civil War beats the crap out of the comic book Civil War series in every possible way. That series

Deadpool Movie Review

Written By: Mike Agostinelli You know that one person in your life who turns everything into a joke, is constantly rattling off their mouth, and who sometimes you just want to slap in the face and bury in a hole in hopes you’ll have a few precious moments of peaceful silence? That’s Deadpool in a

Goosebumps Movie Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Global phenomenons are a funny thing. They seem to sprout in the least likely of places. Tickle me Elmo, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies….they spring up randomly and without warning, and then go away just as quickly. Goosebumps was one of these said phenomenons. When I was a kid, there was a massive hunger

#FantasticFour Review

Written By: Mike Agostinelli I don’t recall a movie in recent memory being lambasted as intensely as the newly-rebooted Fantastic Four has been. Does it deserve all of this hatred? Yes and no. But it is undoubtedly a mess, one that could have been less messy without massive studio interference. More on that later. Fantastic

Marvel’s #AntMan Review

By: Mike Agostinelli If I were lame as all hell, and most movie critics are these days, I would start this review with a size-related pun. Like “Ant-Man proves that size really DOESENT matter!” or “the smallest hero brings some of this summers BIGGEST entertainment!” But I’m not one of those overpaid tools. Ant-Man is

San Andreas Movie Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Have you ever wanted to read the equivalent of me bending a movie over and forcibly violating it? Well settle in, because a crime of passion is about to take place. Here’s the plot of San Andreas: The Rock vs an earthquake. That’s all you need to know to determine whether or

Power/Rangers Short Film

It’s back from the dead and thankfully we can bring this to you finally. The creators of Power/Ranger have cut a deal with Saban, rights owner of the Power Rangers franchise. The film is graphic and is not suitable for children. Watch it now and let us know what you think by commenting below or