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Young Justice is Getting Another Season

Warner Bros announced today that Young Justice is getting another season. That’s right folks. Thanks to public demand and views on Netflix of Season 1 and 2, Warner Bros officially gave the green light to bring it back. Interestingly enough, Warner Bros has not announced where the new season will play thought a lot of

#BatmanVSuperman Trailer Is Here

Earlier today, the internet went crazy when the Batman V Superman trailer leaked online. Some said it was fake. Some said it was real. Well, now we have an answer. Warner Bros officially released the trailer and yes it was real. Watch the trailer now and let us know what you think of the first

Justice League War Review

We here at Geek E Inc. Productions don’t get many American made animated movies to review, so when a company like Warner Bros gives you a screener, you better believe we want to review it. From the DC Universe, let’s get into this review of Justice League War. Justice League War, directed by Jay Oliva,