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Anime Review: Bleach Uncut Blu-Ray Set 2

Roses are bloody red, and the violence in Bleach Blu-ray volume 2 is true. In the month of love, Viz Media has lovingly released the second volume of their Bleach Blu-ray set. If you have not seen the first, then I suggest you read my previous review, to see what you might have missed. Of course, this second installment is ...

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Announcing Momocon 2015 Coverage

Geek E Inc. Productions, the production company of ToonamiFaithful.com, is once again recording the Toonami Panel at Momocon. This year, however, it seems we will have more non-Toonami related interviews to bring to you. We’re looking at a couple people in general and we will definitely update you here to who we are interviewing. For now, here is what we ...

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#AmericanDad Premiere Up for 48 Hours

We here at Geek-E are huge fans of American Dad so when we heard the premiere was online, we just had to share it with you guys. Be sure to watch the episode below. You have less than 48 hours to watch it. American Dad premieres on TBS starting Monday, October 20 at 9 PM/8 PM Central. Don’t miss out!

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