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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Review

EA, Bioware, and FUNimation team up to bring you this side story to the Mass Effect saga, but is it worth it? Find out in this review. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost comes out on Blu-ray and DVD 12/28/12 Pre-Order Now Amazon: Animenation: Rightstuf:,c=right-stuf,v=right-stuf,i=fun09062,a=toonamifaithfulcom We give Mass Effect a 8 out 10. Reviewed

Neon Alley Review

This is our first review for Geek-E. We go in-depth into the Neon Alley service and give it a thorough review. There is no rating for this review, because felt like it need more work to give a rating from 1 – 10. Although we are glad that there is more ways to view videos