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Karneval Review #Anime

Written By: Darrell Maddox Meet Nai (voiced by Sean Michael Teague), the main protagonist of Karneval. He is a pretty gullible kid who is around 12 or 14 years old. He claims to have always been living with a man named Karoku in a forest near Karasuna. When Karoku does not appear one day, Nai

Kokoro Connect Review

By: Jim Nelson Silver Link is one of the most underrated animation studios out there. First they gave us Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, which I rated at 9.5, and then they animated Watamote, a fan favorite of the 2013 summer season. This time, we flash back to 2012’s summer season, which gave us another Silver

Aquarion Evol Part 1 Review

Written By: Darrell Maddox If you remember Genesis of Aquarion, the first series in the Aquarion Saga, then you know 12,000 years in the past mankind fought against mythical creatures known as Shadow Angels, but one of their own Apollonius fell in love with a human female warrior by the name of Seliane and he

Justice League War Review

We here at Geek E Inc. Productions don’t get many American made animated movies to review, so when a company like Warner Bros gives you a screener, you better believe we want to review it. From the DC Universe, let’s get into this review of Justice League War. Justice League War, directed by Jay Oliva,