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Geek E. Inc presents “Car Tunez” Open Collab Contest! *Updated Correction*

Our sincere apologiez to anyone who may have submitted but, the e-mail address is, not* We added an additional 2 days to the contest for our mistake. Ready for a Geek E. exclusive? This is the track for the “Car Tunez”, an open collaboration single hosted by and produced by Scotty Wu!

Manglobe Studio goes bankrupt

In shocking fahsion, the anime studio Manglobe has filed for bankruptcy this past week. This has to be a shock to those involved in the anime industry. Just this year, the studio brought the world Gangsta. which was heavily hyped going into this summer simulcast lineup (for Funimation). While the reviews weren’t what the production

Announcing Momocon 2015 Coverage

Geek E Inc. Productions, the production company of, is once again recording the Toonami Panel at Momocon. This year, however, it seems we will have more non-Toonami related interviews to bring to you. We’re looking at a couple people in general and we will definitely update you here to who we are interviewing. For

#BatmanVSuperman Trailer Is Here

Earlier today, the internet went crazy when the Batman V Superman trailer leaked online. Some said it was fake. Some said it was real. Well, now we have an answer. Warner Bros officially released the trailer and yes it was real. Watch the trailer now and let us know what you think of the first