Album Review: The Epitome – Trill Murray

Sometimes you have music that just sets itself apart from everything else out there and The Epitome – Trill Murray is no exception. This album is laid back to the point that I just wanted to lay into my whole bottle of Courvoisier because it was just too smooth and mellow. Let’s get into this review. Trill Murray is an ...

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Album Review: JustHis League – Free Comic Book Day

Sometimes you have an album that projects dominance from the moment you hear it. JustHis League, which pays homage to the Justice League, does that in volumes and music of this caliber can only be inspired by the elements of hip hop that had some kind of freak accident that gave this album performance superpowers. This was literally lyrical ambrosia. ...

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Album Review: Gizmo – Attack on Negatron

Sitting back, relaxing and just reminiscing on how rap was so diverse and unique back in the day, I had the privilege of listening to hip/hop when it was still meaningful and had the kind of impact that made you want to support an artist and show undying love to the art form. It has become apparent that these days, ...

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