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Goosebumps Movie Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Global phenomenons are a funny thing. They seem to sprout in the least likely of places. Tickle me Elmo, Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies….they spring up randomly and without warning, and then go away just as quickly. Goosebumps was one of these said phenomenons. When I was a kid, there was a massive hunger

The Martian Movie Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Every so often a movie comes along that’s so loaded with critical adulation and hype that even one negative nitpick about said movie results in threats of death or crucifixion. Well, maybe not that serious, but mostly something that falls between ridicule and a discrediting of ones integrity. Is The Martian one

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Last years The Maze Runner was a surprisingly engrossing and exciting adaptation of a likely incredibly basic young-adult post apocalyptic novel. Is it presumptuous of me to assume this having never read a page of the book itself? Yes, but if we’re going off the fact that these end of the world

#FantasticFour Review

Written By: Mike Agostinelli I don’t recall a movie in recent memory being lambasted as intensely as the newly-rebooted Fantastic Four has been. Does it deserve all of this hatred? Yes and no. But it is undoubtedly a mess, one that could have been less messy without massive studio interference. More on that later. Fantastic

#Pixels Review

Written By: Mike Agostinelli Lets start with this observation: Kevin James plays the President of the United States in this movie. The President. Indeed, the leader of the free world is Paul Blart: Mall Cop. And its presented in such a blaise and matter of fact way that it takes you entirely out of the

Marvel’s #AntMan Review

By: Mike Agostinelli If I were lame as all hell, and most movie critics are these days, I would start this review with a size-related pun. Like “Ant-Man proves that size really DOESENT matter!” or “the smallest hero brings some of this summers BIGGEST entertainment!” But I’m not one of those overpaid tools. Ant-Man is

Terminator Genisys Review

By: Mike Agostinelli I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guys an overly large, hilarious, blubbering fool. Yet everything he does is so damn watchable because of those qualities. There’s never been and likely never will be such a talentless yet successful movie star. And yet, with all that taken in consideration, he still cannot save Terminator

Ted 2 Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Comedy sequels are usually a mixed bag. Most of the time, there really isn’t even a pressing need for them to exist; merely being made solely for a cash grab off of the originals superiority. After seeing the original Ted, I remember thinking I wouldn’t mind a return trip with these people.

Jurassic World Review

By: Mike Agostinelli Ah, Jurassic Park. The mere thought of it brings warm, fuzzy childhood memories to my mind. It was always right up there with Batman as a formative event of my youth, something I vividly remember seeing on opening night to this day. The smell of the theater, the sticky floor that my