Nerdcore Artist of the Month

Rapper of the Month for March – MC Lars

This month’s Nerdcore Artist of the month is one that likes to be known more as a hip hop artist rather than a Nerdcore artist hence the different title this month. His name is MC Lars. This man is one of the most known artists in the geeky/nerdcore hip hop world and is currently trying to transition into mainstream hip ...

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Nerdcore Artist of the Month for February – TekForce

Every blue moon you get to see something rare shining in the distance. Sometimes, it’s just a glint. Sometimes, you realize as you walk closer, it’s just a piece of glass that was reflecting the moonlight. Then, in that one rare instance, it finally happens. You find that gem that has been teasing you all of your life… …and it’s inside ...

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Nerdcore Artist of the Month for December – Twill Distilled

Have you heard the one about the ex-Hacker who became a rapper/opera singer/dirty pop singer? You haven’t? Well you need to! Ally Desu aka IRC Chatgurl aka Ally Sk8…whew (breath) but most famously known as Twill Distilled. Believe me when I tell you, this girl is CRAZY! Crazy in a good way though. She puts an amount of passion into her ...

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