Swat Kats Revolution Gets Turned Down By Cartoon Network


A sad day today for fans of Swat Kats. Christian Tremblay, one of the creators of the series, updated fans yesterday on the official Kickstarter page for Swat Kats Revolution and it wasn’t good news. Here’s what he said:

Hi Fans,
As per our last update, we mentioned that we had a Major Hollywood Studios ( we can say now: Warner Bros.) that had interest in bringing back Swat-Kats on Boomerang Chanel / Cartoon Network, It took a while to get answers, but unfortunately Warner Animation was unable to convince the parent network to commit for a new series, and thus passed on the project.

It is a major disappointment, but not a defeat. We are working with investors now about doing episodes independently that will available online for streaming. We are also talking to VOD. We are looking at all the possibilities. We understand it takes more time little more time on the business side to accomplish the goal of producing new episode, and we are as eager to make announcement for you all. We thanks again for all the support and we will keep you updated.


You can find this update by clicking here. I am not happy about this as it limits the chance of the show being on Adult Swim’s Toonami where, in my opinion, it should go. This is another example of why people do not like Cartoon Network.

So does this end all hope for the series?

No. Not at all. In this day of streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, Swat Kats Revolution has a lot of potential to find its way to being on one of these sites. Voltron is a perfect example. While this series was on the Nick Toons channel at one point, it was picked up by Netflix and is set to debut on June 7. If you want Swat Kats Revolution to happen, email Netflix and tell them how much you want to get this show on their. Just like the kickstarter, only you guys can make this happen. Let us know what you think below.

  • CoffeeBurps

    eh, who needs cable television? Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon that shit!

  • In most cases that seems like the idea solution (if those avenues will pay for it).

  • I feel mixed about this.

    I am very disappointed that Cartoon Network doesn’t want to take this project on, and to finally diversify their programming, like it should be. Cartoon Network used to have strong shows for comedy AND action/drama. Not anymore. And before someone mentions that there isn’t drama on the current shows, I mean that the show originally intended to be drama from the start, not a comedy that goes into drama.

    Why I am fine by this, is because Cartoon Network has been showing their terrible direction for reboots for their other show (The Powerpuff Girls – I can’t say Teen Titans Go is a full reboot, but others do). It’s as if they don’t care how it looks, as long as it gets people to watch, that’s all good and dandy – and animation is much more than that. Presentation, style, finesse, and ART is what makes a show entertaining to start with – as other elements come in. I don’t feel they would give the full strength for Swat Katz, as it deserves it.

    Maybe Netflix will be a better suit for the Swat Katz Revival, and if so, another great reason to have it than cable. Keep fighting creators!

  • Teen Titans Go! is more or less a comedic spin-off.

    I believe the network doesn’t really feel like reviving all shows UNLESS they’re hugely profitable/became a long running franchise (John R. Dilworth expressed great interest in reviving Courage, so did Mr. Warburton with Galactic Kids Next Door; but the network seemed uninterested both times. Powerpuff seemed like a no brainer and possibly a way to show that they value female viewers again). There’s no good reason to reboot Ben 10, but it’s happening….

    Also, Swat Kats was produced by Hanna-Barbera. The network has been trying to distance themselves away from the brand for years now (the only thing that remains is Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry, plus their 20th anniversary).

  • F Netflix & [adult swim], The SWAT Kats belongs on Boomerang period!

  • Matt

    Not that suprising CN turned it down. But fantastic news that Warner Brothers Animation is interested and with the creators. Their stock in HB of course is huge right now. But even if they can’t get CN to give them a new series what about the other two options?

    Why not make Swat Kats movies with Warner Brothers Animation either in the dtv landscape or for the planned Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe? WBAnimtion has been doing fine on their HB projects for the last several years, it shouldn’t have to just be a tv series.

  • Uh don’t you mean Funtastic?

    Well i still think that Boomerang will be the only exclusive home of the SWAT Kays, just like Bugs Bunny.

  • Steven Cutler

    I think SWAT Kat’s on boomerang

  • You wyldin’ ?