Rapper of the Month for March – MC Lars

MC Lars supports Wheatus @ Fruit Hull UK
MC Lars supports Wheatus @ Fruit Hull UK

This month’s Nerdcore Artist of the month is one that likes to be known more as a hip hop artist rather than a Nerdcore artist hence the different title this month. His name is MC Lars. This man is one of the most known artists in the geeky/nerdcore hip hop world and is currently trying to transition into mainstream hip hop. We decided to reach out to MC Lars and interview him about his tour which includes Mega Ran and what got him into hip hop. Also, we learn why he doesn’t want to limit him self to the term Nerdcore and who influenced him. You can listen to the interview below using the player below or by clicking here. You can find MC Lars on social media at:

Facebook: facebook.com/MCLars
Twitter: @MCLars
Website: www.mclars.com

And here are his tour dates and where he will be:

mclars tour