Anime Review: Bleach Uncut Blu-Ray Set 1


Before I get into this review, I just wanted to say a couple words about the series itself. With Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga finally ending after 74 volumes, it is a hard pill to swallow for some fans because the final arc of the manga did not get touched on in the anime. We all know that Kubo had his ...

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Movie Review: Suicide Squad


Written By: Mike Agostinelli The idea of the Suicide Squad being made into a movie is almost too good to be true. Ten years ago this never would have happened, a movie as blatantly comic booky as this being made. After all, if not for this film, 95% of you reading this review wouldn’t even know of the existence of ...

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Album Review: Gizmo – Attack on Negatron

aon album

Sitting back, relaxing and just reminiscing on how rap was so diverse and unique back in the day, I had the privilege of listening to hip/hop when it was still meaningful and had the kind of impact that made you want to support an artist and show undying love to the art form. It has become apparent that these days, ...

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PlayStation Vue Review


Disclaimer: When doing this review, we used an Amazon Fire Stick. The Internet connection was 30 mb per second. No other device or connection speed was used. Let’s face it: Cable has become way too expensive. No one wants to pay the high cost on top of Internet price. Enter an alternative that everyone should check out: PlayStation Vue. Let’s ...

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Album Review: Venomous2000 – Will To Power


Here at Geek-E we always have artist who are interested in having us review their music, which we consider an honor that they would want us to even give it a listen. Enter we have Venomous2000 The Ultra Emcee and his album “Will To Power.” I know as soon as I downloaded the album and heard the first track, I was ...

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NEW MUSIC: Mega Ran – The East Coast


Sometimes there is a track that no matter if its nerdy or not, it has to be posted. That’s the case with this track from Mega Ran called The East Coast. Premiered on, Mega Ran is hoping you will vote for this track so its seen and heard more. To vote for this track, click here. As always, let ...

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