Album Review: Maverick Da Roninn – Libra Complex


After another journey into the unknown a lone figure walks back into the fires of lyrical combat and with a quick slash of his audio katana Maverick Da Roninn has just taken down multiple opponents with the dropping of Libra Complex Maverick takes a raw approach in this album. The masterful use of basslines, some creative snare riffs, strings and ...

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Album Review: Tekforce – Server Crash Part 1


Tekforce is back at it again with Server Crash Part 1. What can I say about this dude other than he brings his own unique style to his music, the use of synths, some tight percussion, and free flowing instrumentals. I am definitely digging it like a badger mole. Tek brings this futuristic vibe in his music. Now knowing that ...

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Young Justice is Getting Another Season

Warner Bros announced today that Young Justice is getting another season. That’s right folks. Thanks to public demand and views on Netflix of Season 1 and 2, Warner Bros officially gave the green light to bring it back. Interestingly enough, Warner Bros has not announced where the new season will play thought a lot of fans think Netflix will get ...

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NEWS: Universal is Developing a Live Action Voltron Movie


Remember that time Voltron was possibly going to be a live action movie, well it looks like that could be coming true. is reporting that Universal is developing a script for the movie. Here’s the info: Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is developing a live-action version of the hit animated series Voltron for the big screen and they’ve hired ...

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Movie Review: Doctor Strange


Written By: Mike Agostinelli Marvel Studios has recently become stuck in a bit of a rut. You might balk at this statement, since nearly all of their films since the original Iron Man have made a killing at the box office and have been met with substantial critical acclaim. But lately, there has been an undeniable feeling of “been there, ...

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Anime Review: Absolute Duo


Stop me if you heard this before, but the male lead of an anime series is going to a high school to help train himself to be stronger for his friends. He, just like everyone else at this academy, is gifted and must use these powers to help keep balance in the world. Along the way, a few female characters ...

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Geek E Exclusive: LeSean Thomas Interview at NYCC 2016

This was the first interview we did at NYCC 2016 was with LeSean Thomas. He was involved with Black Dynamite and Boondocks. Recently, he created a series called Cannon Busters and the first original series for Crunchy Roll called Children of Ether. We of course ask him questions about these series especially updates on Cannon Busters. Let us know what ...

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